Summer Holidays in Umbria

Umbria with its rolling hills and gently breeze, water springs and historical sites is an ideal place to spend your summer filled with outdoors attractions. Known internationally are the many events which take place in the Umbrian summers.

What to Do

Discover the Italian Green Heart in the summer: when the big events take place in the squares and alleys of the fascinating Umbrian villages

    Since 1973 Perugia has been hosting Umbria Jazz, a unique opportunity not only for the jazz lovers but also to visit the city. This festival has made Perugia a very popular place gathering musicians from all over the world. Spoleto hosts the Festival of the Two Worlds with a calendar of 17 days of events, from ballet to theatre to exhibitions as well as films and special guests. Always in Umbria are many traditional local events: La Giostra della Quintana, Le infiorate del Corpus Domini, Il Mercato delle Gaite and the Palio dei Terzieri.

    The medieval villages in Umbria are many, each with its own history and unique settings, Castles, Palaces, Towers, Churches, Feasts, food and wine.

    A numerous number of different places to cycle or walk with breath-taking views and full of history. Along lakes, in the middle of the woods, near spring waters a lot to see and to do.

    So much to see, nature and history throughout the region.
    In Perugia you can still see Etruscan ruins amongst which the walls from the IV and III century B.C. The Etruscan Arch also known as Augusto was the main gate to the city with additions made later on with fountains and water springs.
    Through the waters you may trace the paths of the springs to the fountains. The main Fountain is in Piazza IV Novembre, symbol of Perugia dated 13th century. This path also allows you to view the surrounding countryside of the city of Perugia.